We’d Like to Hear from You, and Changes

By David R Castro


Firstly, the changes. When we came up with the posting schedule, we thought it would be simple enough to think up and write up a message from one of the two of us every week pretty easily. How wrong we were, or at least we were wrong if we wanted the Message from the Editor to be meaningful. We want these to matter, to be worth reading, so we have to pull back a bit. From now on we will have one message from each of us. I’ll open the month, she’ll end it; this way we can keep them fresh.


We would love it if we could get a Letters to the Editors column going. We’d love to see your comments, see what you like, what you don’t, and what you would like to see on the blog. All letters would have to be civil, of course, but if you have ideas in mind, and want to share them with our growing readership, send us a letter. We’ll post your first name, last initial, and wherever you’re from, or keep it anonymous if you’d like. We want to interact with the readership, make Babbling of the Irrational not just a blog sending out pieces into the void, but a community, and that starts with you reading this.


If you want to send us a letter, send us an email with “Letter to the editors” in the subject to submissionsboti@gmail.com


David is a co-founder and editor of Babbling of the Irrational and an aspiring writer from NYC. You can interact with David on Twitter and by email at dcastroboti@gmail.com

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