The Ark

That last day is here

The Ark is come

Apophis is so very close

Turns out the number of the beast is in fact

Nine nine nine four two

Less two by twos

were the animals brought aboard the Ark

but many, thousands

five thousand embryos each

Just enough to restart a species

Seeds by the millions

Every plant from every corner of the Earth

Flowers and trees, mushroom spores and weeds

For we had no idea what a New Earth without everything old would be

We didn’t know what we couldn’t do without

13 is such an unlucky number they said

13 biological heterosexual males

13 biological heterosexual females

13 mixed of genders and sexualities

A very different lottery that everyone watched

39 people per country

192 countries in all

just shy of seven and a half thousand people

out of over seven billion

better than any powerball ever, if you won

Yes there were fertilized embryos as well

and digital records of every book, song, movie, and piece of art

but one couldn’t help but feel like they were losing more

than just 99.999892857%

of your species’ population

The winners less reported

than were taken

they had to be trained

to live off world

until the world was ready for them again

They were taught a trio of languages

The most common in the world

Chinese, Spanish, and English

Most a spoke, eventually, a pidgin of those

Language was one of first victims of Apophis

The Ark launched before it was fully complete

Some things easier to do in space

it being cheaper to lift when it was smaller

but we could all see it

a tiny moon foretelling our doom

For the about 6,999,992,500 people

who would be left behind

some hoped against hope

some just didn’t believe

some lost hope all together

Maybe it’d be a near miss

like so many before

It’s all a conspiracy

They didn’t pick me

I’ll choose my own way out

Church membership rose by orders of magnitude

There were more tent revivals in those years

The born again almost out paced the number

Of those being born

but who would want to have children when the end was nigh?

Many dug their heads into the sand

Many still disbelieved

even as the Ark station appeared in the sky

for all to see

they turned away

Many still just lost control

STD numbers rose

as did unplanned pregnancies, drug users, and suicides

what does it matter what tomorrow will bring

when you know the world is going to end

It was close to a decade after we knew

when the last of the Ark, it’s crew

the last seven thousand or so humans of Earth

of Earth that was anyway

left her ground

to watch the rest of the world die

None of us know what is going on up there

There were streaming sites

where you could watch

but why would you put yourself through that

to watch who gets to survive?

Apophis came

Like the Morning Star in Revelation

Shining, shimmering, deadly

Who thought the end would be so beautiful

you might have wished upon a world killer

It’s happened before

K-T that killed the dinosaurs

Changed the world so that we could eventually live

Wonder if that was looked like this before it fell

wonder if it was as beautiful

We watched from the Ark

tens of thousands of eyes

as the black rock we called Apophis

that we named after an evil ancient Egyptian god

fell to earth

We watched it destroy our home

kill brothers and sisters

nations and cultures

end life as we knew it

from our tin can in space

–David R Castro

David is a co-founder and editor of Babbling of the Irrational and an aspiring writer from NYC. You can interact with David on Twitter and by email at

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