Man’s Eternal Excuse, or Carpe Diem

Merlot regret poisons

The plights of Faithful Man, prickling

between my lobes. You can trust

Promises, break,

Like straw

His sun-bleached hair like dandelion

dreams, brushing sleepless eyelids.

Elevated in the metal box he calls


Floating above frothy waves,

I relinquish sin to gravity – slicing my fidelity.

Inaudible mumblings, too low for this heavy machinery;

Clicking, buzzing, clashing, falling.

Your hot breath trickles down my neck.

Turn once and our noses brush

Turn once again and my nose traces

An arc of defiance.

Friction creates something –

I am too afraid to want.

I am too afraid to want to know.

Knowledge of the self only breeds self-loathing.

Let’s collapse these chairs,

Sink through atmospheres

Sink through black holes;

We have surpassed our event horizon,

Swallowed all waves of light.

Sinking through dream-scapes, mountainscapes,

Elevation escapes gravitational pulls, pulling apart

Magnets escaping attraction

Promises sail where the sky and sea meet,

Melting into a creamsicle sunset,

I smooch evening’s star-freckled cheeks

a new lover, dances on wave crests.

And dissolves like dusk into the salty air,

Brining my split lips, his spit lingers.

Principles shattered like marrow-less bones,

Crushed from temptation, bones become dust

I snort, my skeleton like

Concrete sludge glugs down my throat,

And packs into your cemented initials

Traced with ribs inside a hollow

Chest, like driftwood cuts wet sand.

I can’t carve his name over yours, Faithful Man.

Let’s watch these concrete beaches slip to the tide

Like an etch-a-sketch, sand-dusted clean,

embalming our memory.

–Lauren Marano

Lauren is a recent English and American Studies graduate from Ursinus College. She was born and raised in South Jersey, and has a huge passion for writing and food. You can see her homemade food and photography on her Instagram, and her personal account. She’s always open to connect with new faces, you can find her on Facebook and get in touch with her at

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