Teaching Myself

I am teaching myself to believe again…’

Says the old man leaning on the fence.

I can’t believe how long it’s been

Since I worshipped the swoons of Christ.

But I guess it is more a belief in love

That I am struggling for;

After I put her in the ground

Religion went out the door.

He is in a khaki windbreaker

Leaning on the chain-link fence

Across the way from me.

And she is in the ground behind him,

Under a large white rock, not a crucifix,

With her name emblazoned upon it


Half choked in blazing peonies

That smell of her perfume.

Can I teach myself not to remember that smell

And love again? I am so lonely,

I am so weary.

No—I am too old to love

Anything but her memory.’

Laments the old man.

–Jenny Pollock

Jenny is an aspiring poet from Wichita, Kansas. When she isn’t sweating it out over her keyboard, she enjoys pampering her two Great Danes, Bolt and Maxx. You can reach her at peonies1992@yahoo.com.

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