Being Featured

By David R Castro

We have an About Our Contributors page, and as of the writing of this, there are only two people featured there, the editors. That is not what we want to do with that page, or this blog. Babbling of the Irrational is not a showcase for ourselves, but for you. We want that page filled with your bios and pictures. We want that page to be about you.

To be featured, we need a few things to ensure your commitment. Let’s be frank here, we get something from this too, ensured content. You must have had three pieces accepted to qualify at all, of either poetry or prose format. After that, you have to commit to submitting at least one piece, again, of either format, every other month, if not every month. For that, you get to be referenced on the site, like in the “This week on Babbling of the Irrational” preview posts, as a ‘featured contributor’, a bio, longer than a blurb, on the About Our Contributors page, and if you’d like, a picture to go along with it. You also get all the prestige that you’d like to give yourself, and that others might give you, if you show your friends and family your bio on the site. But that’s up to you.

We want to be the way you show off your work and yourself to the world, and promote yourself as a writer. We can’t make every person who sends us something a featured contributor, as it would be worth less if everyone had it, but for those who want to make Babbling of the Irrational important for them, who want to partner with us, we can do a little more for them.

David is a co-founder and editor of Babbling of the Irrational and an aspiring writer from NYC. You can interact with David on Twitter and by email at

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