Perry Place

Perry Place,

Parked late night.

Steamy windows,

smokey smiles,

Silly moments,

Sleepy, stoned eyes.

Hazy, high spirits,

Lackadaisical laughter

Peppered with pitch dark paranoia,

And hushed, worried whispers.

Muted music

Too low to listen,



Feet on the dash,

Heads toward the sky,

Thoughts in the clouds.



Stargazing souls.

Peace passed between us with

Harmonious hands

And hazy, high hearts.

Those smokey,



Secrets of ours.

That late night

Perry Place love.

–Annie Turner

Annie is a writer/poet named after her mother’s favorite book, Anne of Green Gables. She’s obsessed with stargazing, poetry, antiques, & animals, and is always on the lookout for unusual and beautiful words to record in her ever-present notebook. More of Annie’s poetry and writing can be found on her blog. You should follow her on Twitter or email her at

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