Her lover lies far away, marooned on stone and land

While longing floats adrift the foam, beyond the shore and sand

In Poseidon’s domain, a drowning prince was saved from the storm of night

By a lovely savior whose scales flashed, a strange and lovely sight

Trapped by love’s first sight, she was lured to her

The sea with, rich in magic and lust’s dark glamour

The witch of seas leered at her throat with a jagged grin

Reeking of dark glamour and deep, unbounded sin

Lured by the promise of true love, giving in to seduction by choice

She gives in to transformation, to love, losing her voice

Conversion is torture

Barbaric pain for her amputation, walking painfully on sacred land

Surprised she didn’t leave red footprints on the prickling heated sand

Lost between the warring folds of human’s land and sea

She sinks beneath the weight and pain of her lost duality

–Michelle Kirichanskaya

Michele is an a New York City based person, who occasionally tries to write (if unsuccessfully at times). She is an apologetic feminist and fan-girl of literature, comics, anime, film, manga, among other things. Her interests lie towards writing fiction, feminism, LGBTQA, and geek culture, hopefully a combination of those things.

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