I’ve Been Thinking Too Much

I’ve been thinking too much

About how I’m never good enough,

How I’m always falling short

Of the shit I want the most.

How I never seem to matter,

I can never get things done,

How I’m always a stepping-stone

Not the first, nor the last one.

My feelings and opinions

Are always too big or too small,

And I just keep falling short

While the others are rising tall.

My two worlds are divided

And they keep getting further away,

Every time I want to change shit,

Me, myself, I betray.

I always wonder “what if”,

I think about the past, the future, and such,

And then I remember:

Fuck, I’ve been thinking too much.

–Eribert Volaj

Eribert is eighteen years old, and is originally from Albania. He currently lives in New York and attends the University of Vermont. He loves writing more than pretty much anything else, and hopes to one day have a project of his own. You can find him at Eribert Volaj on Facebook and LinkedIn, and @theeribert on Instagram and Twitter.

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