They pulled her from the Volkswagen,

Her arms were both engraved

With lacerations from the windshield

And the collision she could not evade.

Who was this girl I loved?—

Who was this sister I played

Hopscotch and jump rope with

Through our mirthful summer days?

Now the paramedics shroud her

And a zipper seals her gaze.

I remember once we scampered

Atop the teeter-totter

And pretended in our playfulness

That we were joyful otters—

On our backs we laid

And smashed smooth stones against our tummies,

The way that otters graze.

Now father weeps,

Now momma raves—

Now the fresh-dug earth shrouds her,

The shovel pats her resting place,

Yet the casket cannot seal her gaze…

–Jenny Pollock

Jenny is an aspiring poet from Wichita, Kansas. When she isn’t sweating it out over her keyboard, she enjoys pampering her two Great Danes, Bolt and Maxx. You can reach her at

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