I Imagine

I want to wrap myself around him
Like a wool scarf on a cold winter day
But her perfume lingers on his skin
Like a poison created specifically for me
Designed to rot my heart
I wanted him to be a surgeon
With delicate hands
That would slice open my chest
And dig his way past my rib cage
To settle comfortably in my heart
But he only knows how to dig graves

I thought about how his kisses should taste like me
Instead of her menthol cigarettes
And how he should have seen
The stars dancing in my eyes

I try to imagine the day
When I’ll stop creating oceans
That drown the moon
And tilt my entire universe off balance

I try to imagine
That there are not a million
Different imaginary cuts
Running jagged across my body

And I try to imagine the day
When he’ll speak my name
Like a scared prayer
Write poetry across my skin
Kiss me until I lose all concept
Of reason and logic

He will be the like the rain and wind
Eroding away little pieces of me
Until I am remade into something
Majestic and beautiful

I comfort myself
With these thoughts
Every time
He cuts me
With his lies.

–Raymonda Rice

Raymonda is a full time nurse and a part-time freelance writer. She can also be easily bribed with Key Lime pie. In her spare time, she writes poetry and short stories. If you’d like to know more, you can easily find her on tumblr, twitter, or her  website.

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