Ah the Holy Misery

Ah the holy misery!

A murky future narrows the heart

An riddled past, bursting too soon,

Shrink from the great cause

And wring your hands in dumbstruck laws.

Ah the holy misery!

Unyielding to change, comfort strange,

The bridge burns between friends,

Flames separate the width of fate,

And the chasm deepens and hardens the blood.

Ah the holy mystery!

A silence taunting with music and color

Mesmerizing bodies and galaxies

Panting to be awakened in orgies

Of enlightenment and perversion.

Ah the holy life!

Each trickling breath a holy mystery

Each stream a cry of rebirth

Each cloud of mother in labor

Each fear a child suffocating.

–Shachar Efrati

Shachar has  been writing poetry for over 20 years, on and off through incarceration, marriage, deaths and births. He has recited his poetry in NYC, Europe and Israel. When his collection of poems and plays got big enough, heI self-published a book entitled, Hyenas On Joy Street. He has recently relocated to NYC, and welcome the chance to work with other poets or creators on Open Mics or theatrical productions. For more information on him or his poetry, message him at Shacharmax@gmail.com.

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