Fatty Tuna: a Love Poem

O Toro, my Toro!

You bring me no sorrow!

Just you on a plate,

O my taste buds can’t wait!

Atop a small mound of rice is where you beautifully sit perched,

I know that my whole life it was for you that I’ve searched!

The light dances off of your gentle pink hue like a star,

A phosphorescent culinary delight is what you are.

I embrace you with chopsticks, eyes closed, and place you on my tongue;

And your flavor love-making that proceeds keeps me feeling young.

You’re creamy and buttery in all the right places!

You ended up here with me only by God’s good graces.

Onto my tongue melts your morsels of fat,

Rich decadence coats my mouth and my inhibitions go flat.

I can’t ever get enough; I want more, I need more!

Your soft savory texture hugs my mouth and warms my core.

I swallow you wearing a smile unlike any I’ve worn before,

Your gentle ocean tuna taste lingers and leaves me wanting more

O Toro, my Toro;

You leave me and my appetite so Zen,

And I’ll be dwelling in our memories until we meet again.

–Ryan Unger

Ryan grew up with a love of prose and poetry found him soon after he started writing. As a self-appointed foodie, Ryan can be found roaming the streets of Manhattan in search of great new restaurants. Morally opposed to negativity and a lover of all things comedy, Ryan lives a Zen existence full of poetry and humor. You can contact Ryan via email: unger23554@gmail.com.

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