Self Awareness

A rush of energy opens my eyes

Dripping from the highest skies

Are pieces of my reflection

I realize how much time’s gone by

And just how much has been wasted

I look down

I’m not sure how

The reflection is just a puddle on the ground

The sun shoots high

More time flies by

The puddle starts to rise

In waifs of steam and vapor

Gazing up

I’m looking for

The reflection that has gone twice before

It rises up

Unleashed, unbound

I finally found…

That time is never wasted

–Shelly Ramasocky

Shelly is a writer and poet in many genres who studied in Education, Psychology, and Sociology. Much of her writing touches on these topics. She has taught, tutored, and worked on several volunteer projects. Currently, she is freelance writing full time while building writing portfolios in different subject areas, and can be found on her blog, Facebook, and emailed at

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