Kindred Spirits


A master of words

Sweet little nothings in my ears


A master of illusion

His first thought in the morning

He and I,

The sun and the moon, life and death

He is my every breath, my sanctuary

And I am his elusive dream

He is a star, and I, a galaxy

Without him, I am incomplete.


Brown eyes, wicked smiles

His fingers in the gaps of my hands

My head rests on his shoulder

Our lips locked with one another

A perfect moment, if only time stood still


My favorite hello and hardest goodbye,

My motivation to write and sing


His bright spot in the morning

His last kiss for the night


We are one and I am whole

A familiar sense, I see longing in his eyes

He, my inspiration to create beauty

I, the subject of his visions

Together, we embark on a journey,

And I hope it will never end.

Sarah Montenegro

Sarah is an NYC professional by day, a writer by night. She writes horror and tragic stories, and sometimes, about past lives. Recently, she tried dabbling into poetry. You can email her at and you can check out her short stories at

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