To watch the one I wuv the most

Top Trenta Tazos, pour rich dark roast.

My misto with mocha, refilled  — my thrill —

Returning to bar: he works, I chill.

Semester’s sealed: for winter break

Iambic tetrameter, a piece of cake.

He awes with salty caramel drinks,

His stanza fills, his guest just winks.

I’m shaking it off with Taylor Swift

I wear new headphones, his Christmas gift.

His focused countenance, his polished stance;

If he weren’t working, I’d ask to dance.

We’d turn to the tea bags, I’d hold his heart —

If I could do it (the dancing part) —

I’d turn him around, his dimples his brand,

Feel the hem of his apron like holding hands.

Christian Hartselle

Christian is a junior studying English at Butler University, but he’ll be studying at Universidad de Alcalá de Henares in Spain this coming semester. He loves reading, writing, video games, and the people who put up with his capriciousness.

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