Me, You, and Burnett’s

It burns like a wildfire

Spreading from my throat to the pit of my

Stomach, where it sits,

Burning in the embers

The smoke emitted swirls around my head

Causing it to ache, causing me to think about


My lips almost soak up everything before it reaches

My tongue

Just like you

The burning fire crackles and causes my mind to


I can feel it sloshing around like water in a bottle

Rocking back and forth to the rhythm of your heart

A poker stirs the cinders and I feel everything that

Has been suppressed begin to rise

Ready to overflow onto me and you

It is all alcohol and acid and anger

I hate it

But I will drink again

–Camille Jessica

Camille lives in Texas but would love to relocate to the moon. She watches more TV than is healthy or normal and wants to be an artist. She can be found wandering around Tumblr, Instagram, or can be contacted at for business inquiries.

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