Revelation Re visited

On the eve of the omega,
the faithful stand apart
from the slithering creatures that inhabit the night

There is no quarter from this chapter,
creation unfolds to reveal the hidden seed:

Frozen humanoid embryos dangle from a discolored
rainbow – awaiting a chance to fall

Intoxicated monsters spew volatile woe from
every orifice

Uniformed demons conspire in darkness –
their deeds are void of mercy

The streets run wild with angst

Brothers squash their creed over ideals long forgotten

Stateless inbreds lead the masses –
lead them to their doom

The kings of everlasting torment have
drawn the final card

They have plundered the seven wonders
on the backs of neo slaves

They have stolen the divine nuclei, and
kept it hidden

They have replaced the trees with doppelgangers
their branches reach high
they poison the sky

Their red beam ominous, as the market peaks
for human bondage

Liquid cash stretches far and wide
and falls directly into their satchels

They spun their web around the heads of modern fools

Interstellar frequencies penetrate sacred tissue

Aberrations block the path of the righteous

Angels hide beneath the lake –
documenting these accounts one by one

The dreaded hour has struck thrice
as the beast lays waste to the wicked

Upon the order he gives the Earth its due

The world has been turned and sifted,
beyond recognition

He returns to the inner core

The salty winds on the wake of the day
has rendered the machines to rust

The threads have locked and frozen

The gears have turned to powder

The robots have become extinct-
never to rise again and serve their masters

Beneath their massive presence,
carnivorous mammals haul away the carcasses
of the fallen race

Behold a transforming sun

Its new position repairs the sky

Celestial bodies recycle creative thought
from the days passed

Abstract colors dominates the horizon

Their beauty has been spared
from the eyes of invaders

Birds nourish their young
with the tears of fallen man

New grass grows at the foot of Eden

Souls reborn mingle with
benevolent energy

Their brightness can be seen again

Smiling spirits gather to rejoice and
bask in the glory of goodwill

Angels greet them at the gate

“Your struggles have been immeasurable,
now we grant thee salvation.”

The select few lay down their skin and
do claim a new animal as their host

For an era has ended

And there shall be no more suffering

–Daniel Heslin

Daniel is a well-seasoned individual who loves to write. Although he is currently employed as a handyman, he is secretly a troubled soul who expresses himself through poetry, fiction, and other mediums. You can find him on facebook and twitter, or you can view his unique handyman blog at

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