Where is My Boat Captain?

Rings of a golden necklace

Hanging on the blue neck

The sun is sparkling

Shimmering strands, here and there

Pieces of silver cloud

Brilliant cuts on top

Soar on coastal winds

Across the sea, here and there

Footprints on gravel

Disappear one by one

Scallops are traveling

On the waves, here and there

Childhood’s memorized

Making cottage in size

Riding a horse of wood

And wheels, here and there

Happy children of the town

Hiding their hands behind

With the gentle sound of the captain

Dancing on the boats, here and there

Knock and plink of the board

Took the captain to the shore

Sometimes in a canoe,

Sometimes on a boat

Made us all sit, here and there

But oppression of the time

Broken my canoes’ boards

On my cottage windows,

Dust of life, here and there

Now, the old boats abandoned

On the side of the town

Captains call the brand new ones

By the other names, here and there

In the childhood memories

We still run on the beach

Hiding among the bushes

Riding the horses, here and there

The secret of tulips

Can be said to poppies

Scallops can be hidden

Under a pile of sand, here and there

You can sleep under the sun

With a generous breeze

Listening to the tales of fairies

By lovely shells, here and there

Now, the imaginary shells

No roaring of the waves

On the hot sand of the fate,

Where is my boat captain?!

Where is my tail, here and there?

–Soodabeh Saeidnia

Soodabeh was born in Iran and received multiple degrees from Tehran University of Medical Sciences. She has worked as a university researcher, as a professor for 10 years in Japan, Iran and Canada, and has published about 150 scientific papers in prestigious journals as well as books in both English and Persian. Now, she is living in New York with her husband and 9-year-old son. She is interested in writing science fiction and poems in English, and has published a book of her poems in Persian named “Words for myself”, which you can find here, as well as her Facebook and Twitter.

One thought on “Where is My Boat Captain?

  1. Reblogged this on Poems by Soodabeh and commented:
    I was at high school when I wrote the Farsi version of this poem, then I was a Ph.D. student when I published that in my book “Words for myself” (Harfhayee Baraye Khodam- inPersian). On that time, I never thought that I may republish it in Eng 20 years later. People always share lots of feelings in common as human.


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