Joyless Post-Roman Odyssey

Gored gorgons blossom burgundy,

O’er horizon’s crimson pallor

Oceans curdle quite overtly,

While Zoloft robs men of valor

Addled minds mashed thoroughly,

Drown, it would seem, in the azure

Becoming wellspring to verdure

Although only ostensibly

Meter; an ill-fitting miter

Rhythm; warp’d modality

Rhyme; naught but a formality

Meaning; a functionless lighter

Plastic rainbows glow placidly

Oxen are led to the butcher

Regal scepters waved flaccidly

And so, I bid you au revior

Arnold Davydov

Arnold lives in NYC, and has done all sorts of things, including working as an EMT for a few months last year. He can be reached at

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