Milkshakes and eggshells,
Picasso in the mirror
Filled with molasses
And wintergreen dreams.

Unicorns and whores
Dancing a tango;
Satyrs in tap shoes
Making musical themes.

Stuck under the rainbow
The vultures eat bluebirds.
Heartless and fattening,
Their cookie and creams.

Her finger is shining.
My hands are still empty,
But my eyes are brighter
With salt water streams.

–Kylie Goetz

When Kylie was five, she wanted to be either a nun or a lounge singer. Luckily (for the church and lounge patrons everywhere) she discovered a love for storytelling around the same age.  This eventually translated into a B.A in theatre from Florida State University and a MA in creative writing from Macquarie University.  You can buy her book here and follow her Word of the Day Poetry Project

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