flower crowns
made out of 
waste thoughts
and bright ideas

the beginning
and the end
of attentiveness

tautology infiltrating
act of contrition
intent to omit 
important information

true and false histories of the world
sines drawn between
conclusions as extreme as
the nonexistence of time
and synchronicity

shrines memorializing 
inner chimes
only heard by
the mind
as it 
painstakingly inches its way
across the starlit

the bewildering diversity of
the Sensorium
these bodies are actors
these bodies take on identity
these bodies take on culture
these bodies radiate

making daily pilgrimages 
into the past
dwelling daily on
reckless remembrances
flourish, perish
nourish, cherish
mandated to dance in dreams

the zenith of I
the absence of pain
is the essence of truth

the Soul penetrates pain
the Body tries to hold tight
the Mind expresses concern
in attempt to quiet the one
it is assigned

I, the Soul
am not hiding
although it seems so
I am hidden in plain sight
the journey is simple
you just have to
want to

slow and steady
never wins the race
because there is no race
there never was

— Leah Cappelli

Leah is a Staten Island, New York based poet and social scientist. She is currently working on her forthcoming chapbook, Radiate and Resonate

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