If Only Words Marched

Some words just tumbled
                                            Into my head

i hope i can collect them
Before they pick themselves up
And run out again

epitome     stripes   “Alrightsoundsgood”

Cocoa & peppers, suck.


         en    TANGLED                                 oaf.


If only words marched
       Into my head,

toy soldiers in proud red jackets
For me to pick up
rather than          HAPHAZARD             
marbles in mason jars.

— Alexis Lanza

Alexis received her BFA in Film, Photography, & Visual Arts from Ithaca College and is currently based in New York City. Although she hopes to continue publishing writing & visual art including photography, film, and illustration, she is sure to make time for her favorite things— dogs, craft beer, and the outdoors. More of her work can be found on her Tumblr and Instagram.

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