How far you transcend I.

But if you look to the sky;

past the stars you will see,

I, the dead moon,

shining when you slumber,

eclipsing even the blazing sun.


From the cosmos,

I know of your glowing towers.

I see your snug blankets of the living.

But do they, repressed, truly breathe life?

What of that which lies within?


The blood of ancestors;

it never truly thins.

Aching — in hardship it flows.

Ingrained beneath a guise of enlightenment,

I am that — their overcastting shadow.


Dreams of mankind,

like life obscured, are but an illusion.

What of the hunt? The triumph? The desire?

The wonders of glory are as dead as I.

You live, but you do not thrive.

City lights merely cast a shadow over humankind.


Only when I shine at my fullest do you come alive.

True nature awakened, like I,

though dead, might never die.

I reveal their core; their hearts are but a black hole.

So far gone, if not for I, they would never know.


So look up to the sky, see, observe, recognize.

See me when at my whole, and know,


Only in it does the blood of men truly flow.

Andy Lambrianidis

Andy is a writer-actor from the mean streets of Brooklyn, NY…by way of Connecticut. He recently played the role of Vitali in the web series, Forgotten Kingdom: Genesis, and is working on a series of dark fantasy novellas, titled Scourged Land, under the pseudonym of an armless poet, Cero Tsaonii. He welcomes correspondence at

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