the past is a Ghost

I am sorry that

it haunts you

with such

graceful malice


the future is

the Open Sea

emanating terror

and possibility


the present is

the Grand Prize


the simple fact

that you are Alive

and breathing

despite all you

have encountered

in your past

and all you have

anticipated in

your future

is a Gift


the present is

exactly as advertised

a surprise

a compromise between

the Ghost and the Open Sea

howling, moment to moment

testing your ability

to battle with

the winds and

the current


practice holding your breath

because you might be

submerged against your will


but it is not always

a matter of sink or swim

sometimes you float

— Leah Cappelli

Leah is a Staten Island, New York based poet and social scientist. She is currently working on her forthcoming chapbook, Radiate and Resonate

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