The Accuser is Man

When Demon first set foot on land

And tempted Adam, Son of Man,

The Demon did request that Man

Betray his senses and the Plan.


But Adam did protest in vain,

“Should I betray, I shall be slain.”

But Demon knew the mortal’s brain

Would easily be pulled in twain.


The Demon, round-a-bout in verse,

Suggested in a way not terse

That Adam lived a life of curse,

And of the two, that Man was worse.


The Demon wove his snakey words,

But Adam looked out at the birds;

Out at the fields; out at the herds.

“Resist all that the fiend exerts.”


But as he thought, he failed to see

The fruit that he plucked from the tree.

The Demon said, “We are not ‘we,’

For I am you, and you are me.”


          Then Adam stood alone in sin.

          The Demon, as it ends, was him.

–Vincent Spiezio

Vincent is a writer living in NYC. Follow him on Twitter or contact him at

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