The Yearning

As I have always remembered you

And always will

Your soft gaze and tender feel…

Through my heart-you rise

And through my soul-you drift

Deep through this chasm gaping

You release me from your grip


You take away the stars

And conceal the paleness of the moon

You mask the daylight’s sunshine

As I give nothing of me to you


I repent these wrinkled thoughts

And think little of the past

And yet I can not forget the future

A moment’s breath for me to gasp

The foreverness of this time

Breathing the wind of my eternal chimes

The ancient timepiece of sighing tides

Deeply settles the yearning peace

To what end- I wonder

And at what price


Of whom are these thoughts thinking?

Where is this twisted path leading?

From what wells of gluttony will I be drinking?

And why does my heart feel like it’s sinking?

Beneath the shallow troubles of doubts conflicting?


Where will time take me

Along my curious and finite road-I often wonder

And when will the sweet lips of higher destiny kiss mine

Revealing to me a life

Ungodly-yet blissfully divine


–Maria Schumann

As an urban New York millennial inhabiting the most exciting city in the world, Maria finds eating new cuisine and new eats, along with solo romps around the city, to be her greatest sources of gratification and inspiration for composing genuine interpretations of her personal zeitgeist. The pleasure and the pain of life, along with a desire to fully “understand” is what truly spurs her writing. She has an intense love for nature, animals and witty humor. She loves a good, juicy gourmet burger but her life would be incomplete without dessert.

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