Hang Glide

By Valerie King

The hum inside my chest is on tonight, the cocaine amplifies it somehow and all of a sudden I realize I’m in the pilot’s seat of my own little turbo-prop airplane, riding the air currents like a pro. Like a pro! I’ve never been this good at it before, I better not get too excited about how well I’m doing or that will fuck it all up and I’ll be blown to smithereens. You’ve got to watch for turbulence – and this is a hurricane. Keep an eye on the horizon and keep the throttle balanced and if you get knocked off course, you roll with it, girlfriend – don’t try and fight it when you’ve taken off your armour to get high enough to really fly, you’re not ready and you will get hurt. Eyes up visor down, it’s more about feeling the plane in the air than anything else. Abandon all thoughts of destination; breathe; relax your neck and all the muscles down your back. Look at you! You’re flying! 

Valerie, Madam at the Kingsland Motel, Brooklyn, NY is full of surprises. If you want to talk to her, email valerie.jo.king@gmail.com. If you want to find out more about her without talking to her, check out her Tumblr or her WordPress. She loves a good joke; everything is hilarious.

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