I left you without saying goodbye

though, It doesn’t matter to you

l was Pluto and you were Sun


Smog of indifference around

growing up more than a giant

with thousands of heads


When you cried, acidic tears

burned my clothes and eyes

Your face got a lunar spot


My throat dried and you

couldn’t afford water to heal

the cracks of the boxwoods’ lips

Trees fell down one by one

and you didn’t care until

all the pines were extinct


and only ravens remained

croaking to please you

competing with cats on your leftovers


I wonder why you cover

your appearance by soft

granites and priceless rugs


I knew that too many lovers

left you, and I was less

than a nothing among them


Every single day, I asked

if you looked at my flight

when I departed you, Tehran

— Soodabeh Saeidnia

Soodabeh was born in Iran and received multiple degrees from Tehran University of Medical Sciences. She has being worked as the University researcher, as a professor for 10 years in Japan, Iran and Canada, and has published about 150 scientific papers in prestigious journals as well as books in both English and Persian. Now, she is living in New York with her husband and 9-year-old son. She is interested in writing science fiction and poems in English, and has published a book of her poems in Persian named “Words for myself”, which you can find here, as well as her Facebook and Twitter.

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