Pigs and Pearls

My grandma’s necklace made me bold

And so I sold my soul to the devil

And called his name.

He slowly turned and back to bed he came,

Undid his tie and stodgy suit

And down beside me laid.

We came together,

The only thing between us

A string of pearls and broken promises

And an old woman’s voice in my head

Crying out from beyond


Forgive while you can!

For the days grow short until you join me in the dusty dirt

Past all redemption and passion and sensual pleasure.

Forgive while the blood runs hot and

Each drop of sweat and semen

Wash away the emptiness of your impending grave.

But then he rose and wiped

His gleaming body

With his crumpled shirt

Before pulling a fresh one from the wardrobe.

A Windsor knot he tied.

Then “Sorry love, but it doesn’t change a thing..”

Was all he left before he left me

With a hollow chest,

A string of pearls,

And an old woman cackling for me alone.

–Kylie Goetz

When Kylie was five, she wanted to be either a nun or a lounge singer. Luckily (for the church and lounge patrons everywhere) she discovered a love for storytelling around the same age.  This eventually translated into a B.A in theatre from Florida State University and a MA in creative writing from Macquarie University.  You can buy her book here and follow her Word of the Day Poetry Project

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