I Am…

I am tainted

like the dark slush on the streets,

like the lipstick on your lover’s collar,

like the inkblot on your canvass,

distracting all order around me.

I am broken

like your mother’s old vase

like an old seashell

like the wings of a dying bird,

crippling my way around this god-forsaken world.

I am hopeful

like the full moon

like the sun that shines every morning

like the chorus of children playing in the meadows,

dreaming one day that I come clean, fixed, and loved; one day.

Sarah Montenegro

Sarah is an NYC professional by day, a writer by night. She writes horror and tragic stories, and sometimes, about past lives. Recently, she tried dabbling into poetry. You can email her at stsyrlin@outlook.com and you can check out her short stories at sorenlysander.wordpress.com.

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