Behind Me

I chose to flee from what’s behind me.

I’ve given my honor.

I’ve fulfilled several pledges.

I’ve even taken a jump off the edge.

In so much as the eye can see.

Into the deep abyss of charades and chivalry.

Too far for many to doubt the occasion.

I haven’t struggled without much persuasion.

Not the labels placed in front of me.

For me to choose 1, 2, 3.

I don’t belittle myself.

Or my intentions to act.

I’ve been handed an odd deck.

But I refuse to deal myself a deathly blow.

I know that I want to grow.

To be wrapped in the wealth that I create for me.

I want the chance to aspire to be.

What I what to be.

Not what others make of me.

Vexed to becoming a sleuth.

Don’t want anyone to make me out uncouth.

It makes no difference.

Should I not be able to see,

What lies ahead when it’s behind me.

–Carlton Rolle

Carlton has had the opportunity to observe and live in various lifestyles. These places influenced the core of what made up his value system. Throughout all of the experiences, he began to understand that everyone has a story to tell regardless of their socio-economic, religious, racial, sexual, historically based beliefs, etc. Carlton wants to enrich the world with artistic forms of expression from the mind, body, and soul of an experience. You can see more of his work on his blog

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