What Would Your Grandmother Have Said?

You can just imagine,

The way her face would twist

As she tried to understand.

The expression of love,

Marred by confusion and disappointment.

God loves all His children,

But she never expected this,

Not from one of her own.

She’d go silent,

Staring into the space above your head.

She’d stay silent,

Trying to find the right words,

The right way to respond to this.

At last,

She’d reach out,

Take your hand.

She’d hug you,

Tell you she loves you still,

That God loves you still.

She doesn’t understand,

But she loves you,

God loves you.

Who you love,

The way you love,

It’s a sin,

It will always be a sin.

But no matter what, she will love you.

God will love you.

You will be loved.

At least, that’s what you believe.

It’s what you want to believe.

It’s what you want to believe she would say.

As much as you miss her,

As much as you wish she were still here,

You’re glad this moment never came.

You’re glad that all you can do is imagine what she would have said.

–Michelle Drozdick

Michelle is a co-founder and editor of Babbling of the Irrational and an aspiring writer from NYC. You can interact with Michelle on Twitter, or at mdrozdickboti@gmail.com

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