Freedom is a Hard One

Freedom is a hard one my dear,

When you’re riding within a blind man`s geography

along the unridden horses in the unmarked fields

and the echoes that you no longer recognise your voice within


once they tied your hands

to show you what discipline meant

and to teach you a lesson

about knocking on a stranger’s door

you spent your days

watching the light

move across the room


You were unable to chase it as it goes

no longer afraid

that it shines through you

you watched as the darkness took the day

not afraid that your shadow

would eclipse you


Later on you kept the mirror

but you changed the room

same old face

but to a stranger it’s all new


your memory wandered


to the collapsed house

that was far from the road

that the neighborhood kids

said that an escaped killer

squatted in before the cops

turned out his lights


a rusted pile of old beer cans

still sat in the corner

and you remembered feeling

he had earned that moment of silence

   and that small freedoms

                                                         are best left unmeasured

–Dylan Angell

Dylan is a writer, musician and filmmaker currently based in NY but born and raised in Durham, NC. He has written for Paste Magazine and the travel site World Nomad. If you’d like to talk to him about anything at all he can be reached at

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