Momentum, don’t fail me now

if one horse goes astray

then all bets are off


a dust storm of halting ponies

sliding in the dirt

just because one pony’s legs gave out


laying with one eye

pointed towards the sky

like a train car


the ones that follow skid

into one another

with nowhere to go


you stand

10 rows away

in the rafters


your throw your cigarette to the ground

and close your eyes

speaking as if the horse can hear you


Goddamn it,

I really, really,

needed to win today

–Dylan Angell

Dylan is a writer, musician and filmmaker currently based in NY but born and raised in Durham, NC. He has written for Paste Magazine and the travel site World Nomad. If you’d like to talk to him about anything at all he can be reached at dylanangell@hotmail.com

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