All That Matters

the sunlight’s gone and the fumes 

from your marlboro reds 

radiate through our one room apartment as we 

contemplate life 

as we know it


we’re a team right? 

your words, not mine

but the best words 

i’ve ever heard


we go through life attached by a yoke

pulling the heaviest of burdens 

but we’re good together now because 

she called you a prick 

so that ended that 

and i told him that his cock didn’t deserve me 

on my worst day 

so that ended that


so now it’s you and me and us 

catapulting our way through the best days

cutting our way through the worst 


we’re thicker than thieves 

tougher than wolves 

we slip through life softly 

leaving footprints in the powder-like snow

hands locked


unafraid and proud 

to show the flame of 


leaving burns on our hearts

and stains on our souls

–Annarose Bottos

Annarose is a graduate of The City College of New York, where she received her M.F.A. in Creative Writing. She has traveled the world in search of all things positive, writing stories as she goes. Annarose currently resides in Putnam Valley, NY, with her husband and fascinatingly curious one year old. She thinks new friends are great and inspiring, so follow her on Twitter or check out her website

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