La noche es feminina (The Night is Feminine)

A chord sounded within.

A woman’s scream sinks in.

A mi cama entré

(On my bed I laid down)


Its tone seeps the tar

that coats me in her shaded pitch.

Y siete Ángeles encontré.

(And seven angels I found)


I become the infraction vented

by a holy man.

Cuatro a la cabecera

(Four at the head)


I am the babbled virtues adored

in Sodom’s modern dust.

Y tres a los pies.

(And three by my feet.)


Her sound is to be ignored.

Who is the fool to trust in the night?

Me dijeron, Niñita acuestate

(They said, Little girl fall asleep)


The moon lends a luminous harmony

and we revel in our most heinous symphony.

Descansa y reposa

(Rest and repose)


Yet in the night I search for my voice,

but hear only a woman screaming.

Y no le tengas miedo a ninguna cosa.

(And do not be afraid of anything.)

–Natalia Vargas-Caba

Natalia is from the Bronx, and finishing her undergraduate at Sarah Lawrence College on Creative Writing, Spanish, and Latin. She may be reached at

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