Hamartia, of Godly Transgressions

Your naked

Blundering eyes lips touch

Electrified me we smoldered

Together in the sun


You tempted I wanted to

Run from him but when they

Pulled me back into the shade while


You were dying dried up in our sun

I was glad, they branded you

Instead of me


An ungodly wooer


They despised you repulsed by you

Whispered in my ear

Believe god


Behold his holy commandments of

Galvanizing and disgusting



So me and them we kill your truth

Your beautiful angelic grace

Eyes lips touch sinful purity in his name

The veiled irony as you lie there unclothed and dirty.


–Leah Sohn


Leah is still in high school. Reach her at leahsohn@gmail.com or on Instagram.

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