The Essentials

Joy is

smiling at the sun

wondering if your eyes could taste it’s


the random cackle in the kitchen

from an embarrassing moment

you thought you’d never survive from.


Understanding is

keeping the light on for the lost while the found

reminisce the days they wandered like gypsies harboring pretty jewels.

It’s looking within your own pain for a few spells just to meet

the wounded where they are.


Peace is

allowing your heart to hum with the silence

and burst your brilliance in the noise.

It’s the ancient oak tree roots unmoved by impossible hurricanes

and unforeseen tornadoes.


Love is

seizing  the dirt from diamonds that were always tossed

aside like the simplistic coals they appeared to be.

it’s perfectly smiling at the rain clouds and the rainbows,

equally cheesy and bright.


Faith is

telling your monsters,

“You are nothing more than low lives lurking in hallways at 11pm”

it’s the funny shaking and rumbling in your gut reminding you

that you’ll get through this

like Moses and red Seas.


Support is

looking past the potential, the present and cupping

the soul as though it were the good berries

from Grandma Simpson’s garden.

It’s falling without the fear of being alone

if you hit the ground.

When you hit the ground.


Beauty is

your smile when you finally know your worth.

It’s the chaotic loss in exchange for something greater.

It’s the perfection of acceptance- the fullness of everything.

–Jasmine Farrell

Jasmine is an author, poet, and co-editor of Poems from the Heron Clan Vol IV. She released her first book of poems in 2014, My Quintessence. Her second collection of poetry, Phoenixes Groomed as Genesis (PGAGD), about self -discovery, life transitions and society was released in May 2016. You can order your copy of PGAGD Here  You can connect with her on Facebook, WordPress, and Instagram.

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