Why I Do This

I don’t know why I’m writing this.

You won’t ever read it

Can’t ever read it

or anything ever again


I spend my life doing this

Writing things you’ll never read

Passing this pen on paper

Plodding away at keys


All I do I do to make you proud,

though I never know if have,

or did,

or will ever


The damnable patriarch on high

made sure of that

This Son

who lost his Father

who was left only with a less than Holy Spirit


I know death

better than most with as many years as mine.

Parents, family, lovers, friends.

None of them will read this.

No matter how much I write

but here I am, writing still.

–David R Castro


David is a co-founder and editor of Babbling of the Irrational and an aspiring writer from NYC. You can interact with David on Twitter and by email at dcastroboti@gmail.com

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