Like a Boat set on Fire

Like a boat set on fire, you try to set sail.

But the wood won’t hold together and you start to break apart

you try and try to keep yourself together and you fail.

don’t worry about change.

We all fear it but don’t admit it.

don’t worry about desire,

like a boat set on fire.

It doesn’t care about the waves crashing,

doesn’t care about sinking or drowning.

We all end up different and it’s ok to want it

because, we hold each other’s hands,

relieve each other’s pain,

let the fire burn us all but it’ll burn a little less,

and it’ll burn all the same.

Together we won’t drown,

together we’re ok if you just hold out your hand.

Like a boat set on fire,

flames eat up your soul like rotting wood from down below.

The devil feels the heat and crawls to whisper in your ear

don’t listen to him don’t listen to anyone but your heart,

let it roast in all of its fury, let it glow with passion

and take you far away, farther than you can imagine.

Like a boat set on fire

despite knowing that death lingers

it floats off into the horizon,

searching for something beautiful

–Safiyyah Abdelhak Motaib
After a five year long writer’s block, poetry had opened Safiyyah’s mind wider than ever before. She’s a New York City girl living in Chapel Hill after having lived overseas. Poetry is a way to make sense of the incomprehensible thoughts of her mind.

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