Good Boy

We had a dog

to take us away.

He lived

for many years and then we

brought him to a fluorescent office

where he lay,

and didn’t have a sight to see.


That dog was good.

He was a good boy.


I had you hospitalized

three times

and all I had was that

fucking dog

to take me away.


I don’t know what you’ve

been thinking about but

we had this dog and

he was the balm for

whatever ailed me.


You’ve got your flaws and

I’ve got my flaws but

this stupid dog, he

was our medicine.


He was a good boy,

a good boy.


I’d always turn my head

and expect to see him.

Lately, I’ve been thinking

that he was the reason

for this stalemate.


This dog,

he had flaws but

we didn’t see them.

We couldn’t see them because


he’s just a dog.

That’s what we say but

we can’t agree.


He was a good boy

for whatever reason.


Unconditional love:

that’s what they say but

can we really reach them?

Is he a good boy?


Am I good?

Do you love me for the ways you should?

I’m not a dog but

I have a reason


for loving you.

It’s not unconditional but


there is a reason.


Just like our dog.

He was a good boy.


The spark in his eyes went out.

I never had a doubt that

he loved us.


Now he’s up above us and

I keep turning my head,

trying to find a reason.

1, 2, 3 syringes.

Boy, he brought you back down to earth,

if you ever loved us.


You were a good boy,

a good boy.


–Janni Raychuk

Janni’s favorite hobby is writing. If you want to contact her, do so at

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