The Pill Bottle’s Lament

he didn’t open me up today

he should have popped my cap

it’s too fucking crowded inside


once the other girl hid me

for days and days

and he disappeared


when he came back

he poured out my insides

flushed them in the toilet


They dropped on to the porcelain

with a ping, ping, ping, splash

ping, ping, ping, splash


three days later

they came and got him.

the shadowy They

also, Them

he invokes Them a lot, too

Him means the doctor

whose name is written on my side


I don’t know how it is

you can hear the capitals

when he speaks

but you can


this new girl

let’s call her Her

the one he’s hiding me from

she doesn’t know about that

she can’t hear capitals

she doesn’t know about me


off the bedside table and

into the freezer

behind the baking soda

the pills are sticking together

and his clock is ticking

–Kylie Goetz

When Kylie was five, she wanted to be either a nun or a lounge singer. Luckily (for the church and lounge patrons everywhere) she discovered a love for storytelling around the same age.  This eventually translated into a B.A in theatre from Florida State University and a MA in creative writing from Macquarie University.  You can buy her book here and follow her Word of the Day Poetry Project

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