At Long Last

By David R Castro

I always knew I would end up with her, at the end. She was always there for me, from the day we met through all the turmoil and rejoices of a lifetime. Life, as it does with so many lovers, moved us closer and further away in our orbits, but, at long last, we were together forever.

We met in the darkest of times when I was younger, with the passing of my father. Many tried to soothe the pain, words and actions about how there was a plan, about how he’s in a better place. Nothing helped, but she was there, and she stayed with me long after everyone left for the wake. I could not accept succor from them, but she, she knew what I needed, mostly just time and silence. We didn’t talk very often, and wouldn’t through our entire relationship, but each conversation was full of meaning. Nothing was said, at least on her part anyway, without pose and import. She just waited for me, as she always would. I was less meaningful and bumbled a lot, which might be why we parted ways the first time.

We met in passing a few times as I grew into the man fate would have me be. Each time there was a familiarity, a peace and calm that no one else I had or would ever be with could exude. But each time we would part, a little closer, but it was not yet time for me. It wasn’t really about me yet, but about her, and I was fine with that. Her job is a busy one, and who was I to keep her from doing it? No, instead, I was availble for her whenever her work brought her to me, and sit quietly like we did that first time when she was here. There is comfort in that quiet, one that was palliative to my soul.

As we got older, We met more often, and each time we knew that, soon, we could be together for real. A lifetime of flings and quiet moments culminated to this, and I was ready. She couldn’t stop, her dedication to her work was what I admired about her the most, so I would go with her. It was time, and I made my preparations for that. Leaving is hard, of course, one of the most difficult thing for a person to do, but everyone knew that I was happy, that I had a good life here and would have a better one there with her, so they did their best not to be sad by my leaving.

On the day in question, I wore my best suit and brought only that which I needed the most. I met her with open arms and love, and we walked off into a sunset. As fate would always have it, things that were meant to be always are. I knew I would end up with her, and I did, for eternity.


David is a co-founder and editor of Babbling of the Irrational and an aspiring writer from NYC. You can interact with David on Twitter and by email at

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