Wolves Howl at the Moon

i sometimes/often wonder

if there’s anything

after death?

guess it’s ’cause

i’ve buried

quite a few:


my little brothers,

older relatives,

and a string of dogs

buried like bones

deeply in the yard.

some just pups

born into my hands

already still.

but let’s not

get morbid here.

there’s time


for that


—Mark Barkawitz

Mark has earned awards for his fiction, poetry, essay, and screenwriting. His work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, literary journals & anthologies, ’zines, and on dozens of websites. He has IMDb feature film credits as screenwriter, actor, & associate producer (Mark Bark) for “Turn of the Blade” (NorthStar Ent.) and supporting actor in “The Killing Time” (New World Pictures). His new book, The DOG with the OPPOSABLE THUMB (An Accidental Love Story) is available @ Amazon.com.  www.markbark.org

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