If that day ever comes

the one when you stop and admit

to yourself

that I loved you purest,

that I loved you despite your promises

promising me that you are unlovable,

that I touched the silk of your skin

with more intensity, with more honor

than any other man.


If that day ever comes

when our lips find each other again,

reenact that evening parked

by the highway,

or sitting in the dark bar, my hand

holding your tiny waist,

the taste of Czech beer on your breath,

my eyes fixated on your face,

your face…

or that one when you sang

Tagalog lullabies in the moonlight

(Sana’y ‘di magmaliw ang dati kong araw)


If that day ever comes

when you desire the life that I desire,

when all your oats have been sewn

when you can focus on one love

when you can stop fighting yourself

when you take the ring I gave you

and put it on for real,

when you will let me kiss your scars

when you will let me prove myself

when you are ready…

then I will be too.

–Dave Imeldi

Dave is a poet living in Queens, NY, writing under a pseudonym, but genuine in every other way. He has published in print and online journals as well as in anthologies.  He is a professor and writer who loves walks in the park under moonlight, Tagalog lullabies, skyscraper romance, and dark humor.

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