Do Not Look

Found among the effects of Alana Moore, Ph.D of Astrophysics, Princeton University


I looked beyond the sky

To things that are not ours to see,

I was blind

But now I see

And I can no longer sleep


I can no longer unsee

What was seen

Those colors and shapes

That shouldn’t be

But undeniably are


I can see it around us now

Everywhere, anywhere

Slithering, writhing

Shaping things in their mad purpose

Effecting worlds in other galaxies


I see it more when I close my eyes

But I can’t

No more

The thought of it, of them

I can no longer bare


Do not look

Do not peer beyond humanity’s ken

The stars are not for us

The void beyond Earth is not for us

I know that now, oh God do I know that now


That was a month ago

It was a month since I last slept

It was a month since I last felt safe

But I know what I must do

What I will be doing now


–David R Castro

David is a co-founder and editor of Babbling of the Irrational and an aspiring writer from NYC. You can interact with David on Twitter and by email at

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