Waking up in CIA Interrogation

By Jaime Mac

Oh fuck; they fucking found me. Ok. Think rationally. Remember your training. How did you get here? I have to think for a moment. I don’t remember. What is the last thing you remember? I was undercover trailing the job; we were in a bar in Hell’s Kitchen. I must have been drugged and brought here. Are we even in New York anymore?

Ok. Back to work. How’s my body? My head hurts, and I can feel a big goose-egg on top of it. my ribs feel sore but not broken. I’m dehydrated. Everything else feels ok.

I must have been followed to the bar. Or there’s a double agent that gave me away. But then how did I end up here?

Just then the door swings open with a screech and two agents walk in.

“Get up,” the bigger one says.

“Well good morning to you too, sunshine.” I say as I struggle to my feet.

“I brought you a water bottle,” the smaller one offers.

I take it. Good cop, bad cop. Noted.


There is a moment of silence.

“Is that all you came in here for?”

“Don’t talk.” says the bad cop.

“We’re taking you to questioning.” The good cop says.

“Will there be any furniture there?”

The big one slaps me hard across my face. “I said don’t talk”

“We have to cuff you,” the good cop says to me.

“Oh yeah, because I’m the real danger here.”

They cuff me and put a black bag over my head so I can’t see anything. We walk a long way, twisting and turning. Into one elevator, and then another. It all seems superfluous. But what do I know.

Finally I hear a heavy door behind me close. My hands are un-cuffed and the bag is pulled off.

We are in a windowless room in the sub basement. I’ve been here before. I turn around. The same two agents are standing there. We all wait a moment.

Then suddenly they both come towards me and wrap me into a desperate hug.

“We thought you’d been killed.” the smaller one says.

“We’ve been betrayed. The only people we can trust are in this room right now.”

“Well. Fuck,” I said. “I guess it’s time to really get to work.”

Jaime is an upcoming sketch comedy writer based in New York. Known associates include the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, Actor’s Equity, and The Affordable Care Act. She has cats. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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