I know I bring you satisfaction.

Mad but you’re masking. Packed? I’m unpacking.

You want to leave. Best believe it won’t happen.

Hold on Ma. Let’s breathe and work backwards.

What is the battle worth?

Your tears coming after words.

You changed all the passwords.

If men are from Mars, and women are from Venus,

And there’s love between us, then let’s go to Saturn.

What do I have to offer for us to prosper?

I got a ring. Let me do this thing proper.

I called your father and I asked about his daughter.

We’ve come so far. Let’s go a little farther.

Two years is a win. We can do a lot more.

Designated dances deserve an encore.

Suited like we’re headed to the Oscars. Can it be?

I know I’m a handful. Lady you can handle me.

Where do we go from here?

Should we just call it quits?

Or maybe start over again?

Don’t tell me it’s too late.

Slow down. Pump your brakes.

Take a deep breath and wait.

–Ryan Lucas

Ryan is poet and music producer who lives in Los Angeles, CA.  He creates to shed light on the pleasure and pain of that comes with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These thoughts and musings encourages the audience to seek only the best that life has to offer and recognize the power within them to be the change the world is looking for.  You can follow Ryan as @RyanLucasDC on all social media platforms or at www.RyanLucasDC.com.

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