Welcoming New Featured Contributors

By David Castro

It is always good to welcome new people into our Featured family, and this month, I get to welcome the largest crop yet, three new writers. Without further ado, lets get into it.

Harry Ricciardi is a boat-maker from a wonderful sounding place called Vineyard Haven. When not building boats, he writes amazing and brief poetry such as the “Whatever” series of micro poetry and “Nevermind“. He has a lot of new posts coming up, including another run of “Whatever” poems, so keep an eye out on the horizon for him.

Michael Lee Jordan is a known quantity on the online poetry scene, having one Best of the Net in 2016 and 2 Pushcart Prizes for poetry in 2015. We are glad to get to have his work on our site, in pieces like “Give Me Booze or Give Me Jesus” and “Everything Red for the Queen”, and many more to come. This award wining writer is a great addition to our family.

From Southeast Asia, Noor Aisya Buang graces us with her words in one of the fastest jumps to Featured status we have seen in our history. She constantly sends us amazing poetry and it is amazing to see work from her unique view point. She has had poetry and stories written in multiple languages and published in many countries, and we are so very proud to be counted as one of the places she is published in America.

We love the work that our Featured Contributors give us, and if you would like to be join them, feel free to contact us at submissionsboti@gmail.com to find out how.

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