In for the Kill

Ambient, radiance the pathway I walk.
Perhaps you have been down this path, too.
The smell is sweet and musty,
almost sickly like overripe fruit.
It is distant like a sun in eclipse.
It is a memory, a dream on the edge of forgotten.
It is too surreal for this world
that no longer believes in fantasy or emotion,
that is more into quick quips and wit.
The path that unfolds lays itself down
like quicksand and hardens like ice
to black concrete, asphalt that heats,
melts the snow and the hearts of the last
daydreamers. Do you know who they are?
They have slowly left this plane;
they have left this energy behind;
they want no part of this anymore;
they have helped all they can
and we are left behind to discover
what this great plan will be as the
sun sets one last time on this sad
and ungrateful world.
–Michael Aaron Casares

Michael is the author of This Reality of Man, a collection of poetry released by LT Press in 2011. His most recent publication is The Distance To The End, a novel released in June 2016. Michael lives in Austin, TX and can be reached on his website

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